Tuesday, 5 November 2019

National skin cancer charity, Skcin are excited to announce a partnership with Janssen Cosmetics UK Ltd.

Janssen Cosmetics are leaders in the education and training they provide their staff in all their clinics across the UK. When Skcin met with Director, Krestyna Batty we realised immediately a shared passion for raising skin cancer awareness in the industry. Together we knew we could make a huge impact.

Skcin’s MASCED campaigns are the perfect fit for Janssen Cosmetics who, with their international partners always remain a step ahead in recognising market trends. They understand that the beauty and healthcare industry are on the frontline when it comes to the prevention and early detection of skin cancer. By harnessing the power of these professionals via the unique MASCED online training programmes we can help save lives.

MASCED which targets the beauty industry will be available to all Janssen Cosmetic clinics in the UK.

MASCED.PRO is specifically designed for medical and healthcare professionals and will be available to Level 4 + students. They will be able to access the programme via Janssen Cosmetics sister brand, Inspira Med.

Skcin have been UK leaders in education, prevention and early detection of skin cancer for 13 years and know that together with Janssen Cosmetics we will make a difference and save lives.


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