Monday, 1 April 2019


Skcin launched the UK’s first ever national educational ‘Accreditation' programme many years ago now and we continue to lead the way with the subsequent development of a suite of Accreditation programmes that cover key ’at risk’ and influential target sectors with the key objective of preventing skin cancer and promoting early detection to save lives.

Our pioneering work in educational intervention is our USP, we recognised many years ago that measuring outcomes is absolutely key to offering a sustainable resource, not just a short lived ‘campaign’ that’s here today and forgotten tomorrow. It needs a direct strategic approach that has longevity

Most importantly, all our accreditation programmes are annual, requiring participants to review, refresh and reinforce year on year. 


Teaching children from a young age the importance of sun safety to influence behaviour for a positive, sun safe, skin cancer free future is a no-brainer. Every child in the UK goes to school and ALL schools have a duty of care to safeguard these children whilst being best placed to educate them. It’s also the perfect way to reach the parents and families of every child, engaging the wider school community in vital sun safe messaging.

With Spring finally in the air, registrations to our Sun Safe Schools Accreditation programme are ramping up and we are busy packing and despatching comprehensive free resources to every school that registers. These printed resources include; A comprehensive welcome pack and accreditation guide with copies of all educational lesson plans, activities and worksheets; stickers for all children;  books for the school library and the required number of our ’sun safety and skin cancer’ information booklets that get sent home with a bespoke letter to all parents. These resources complement the on-line accreditation programme which supports schools in its implementation

But that’s not where the support ends. Schools are a tough nut to crack and constant support is crucial. Last year our schools support service assisted schools directly with over 8k emails with teachers and parents  This puts a huge amount of strain on our time and resources, but we are committed to assisting schools in every way we can. Our schools work is all funded solely by the charity

There is a much bigger picture here though! As government calls for ‘blue-sky’ thinking when it comes to preventing skin cancer - what we offer is a strategic and robust solution and has been proposed to Government in many times via lobbying in the past with Melanoma Taskforce and ongoing work with the Department of Education and our submission to the Public Consultation on school’s curriculum content last year This tireless work goes on behind the scenes in addition to work supporting our service users.

UV awareness and skin cancer have always been regarded as a public health issue and not an educational one. The fact is that they are inextricably linked is part of the challenge we face in addition to so many other priorities placed on Government. These things take much time to implement, but Skcin is in this for the long haul. We been offering our educational solutions for six years, Australia who take the lead in this field have taken this seriously and they are 20 years ahead, so this is marathon, not sprint.

If the UK ever sort out BREXIT, maybe important issues relating to the nations future health can take the prominence in government our future generations deserve, in the meantime, we continue our work to raise awarness of skin cancer, promote early detection sun safety and engage and lobby Government and highlight our work 

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Sunday, 31 March 2019

Chambersbury Primary School completes Step 1 towards becoming a Sun Safe School - Sun Safety Policy

Skcin are pleased to announce that Chambersbury Primary School in Hemel Hempstead have completed Step 1 towards becoming a Sun Safe School by creating a Sun Safety Policy using our easy, online policy maker.

“The resources available to create the sun safety policy have been invaluable. Before finalising the policy it gave us plenty to think and talk about, deciding what we could implement straight away and other things which may need a little more thought. Once decided, the policy was very easy to update and download, even for a technophobe like myself!

(Carolyn Brady - Chambersbury Primary School) 31st March 2019

Friday, 29 March 2019

Aleph Bet Children's Center is now an Official Sun Safe Nursery!

Congratulations to Aleph Bet Children's Center for obtaining their Sun Safe Nursery Status & Award

“Thank you so much for offering this program outside of the UK. We are happy that Aleph Bet Children's Center in Chattanooga, Tennessee is now a Sun Safe Nursery!”

(Vicki Cathcart - Aleph Bet Children's Center )

Dubai English Speaking School completes Step 3 towards becoming a Sun Safe School - Assembly Plan

Skcin are pleased to announce that Dubai English Speaking School in Dubai have completed Step 3 towards becoming a Sun Safe School by conducting a whole school assembly to introduce the scheme and the importance of Sun Safety to the children.

“Fabulous slides for the power point presentation. Thank you.

(Anna McKeown - Dubai English Speaking School) 29th March 2019

Vale Primary School completes Step 1 towards renewing their Sun Safe Accreditation - Sun Safety Policy

Skcin are pleased to announce that Vale Primary School in Vale, have completed Step 1 towards renewing their Sun Safe Accreditation by reviewing their Sun Safety Policy using our easy, online policy maker.

“As last year we continue to encourage legionnaire style sun hats. We have some hats available in school for those children who forget them. We have a not hat play in the sun rule although we try to make sure everyone is wearing a hat. Our staff are encouraged to model sun safety too. As we are in guernsey in addition to the elements of your policy we have an additional section which is about making sure the children have access to water at all times and at all events and facilities to refill their water bottles to make sure that they have plenty to drink.

(Juliet Bell - Vale Primary School) 29th March 2019

Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Noah's Ark Completes Step 1 towards becoming a Sun Safe Nursery - Sun Hats, Sunscreen & Role Models

Congratulations to Noah's Ark for issuing Sun Safety Fact Sheets to all their pupils. Noah's Ark has also pledged to keep sun hats and sunscreen available for all their children and to act as role models with regard to sun safety:

“We have sent out letters and received the replies from parents. We have added this letter to our registration packs for new starters”

(Karen Donley - Noah's Ark)

“We have a stock of spare sunhats and have a 5 star sun protection. Staff are good role models and are vigilant.”

(Karen Donley - Noah's Ark)

Thursday, 21 March 2019

Little Tinkers Childcare & Education Completes Step 2 towards becoming a Sun Safe Nursery - Shade

Congratulations to Little Tinkers Childcare & Education for providing shaded areas for their pupils.

Shaded Area photo submitted by Little Tinkers Childcare & Education

“We have a shaded wood and use canopies, shelters, tents and tarpaulins. ”

(Heid Chapman - Little Tinkers Childcare & Education)