Monday, 3 October 2016

The Farningham Day Nursery Completes Step 3 towards becoming a Sun Safe Nursery - Teaching Resources & Activities

Congratulations to The Farningham Day Nursery for reading George the Sun Safe Superstar to all their children and introducing everyone to the ‘Slip, Slap, Slop song’.The Farningham Day Nursery have also pledged to continue to regularly use the resources provided to reinforce the sun safe message to their children.

“The children really enjoyed listening to the story and after several times were pre-empting the next words. ”

(Gillian Mitchell - The Farningham Day Nursery)

“The resources provided have been warmly welcomed by children and staff. We will continue to be Sun safe and will fully engage new children and staff in promoting sun safety.”

(Gillian Mitchell - The Farningham Day Nursery)

Congratulations to Nethertonrimary School who have just renewed their Sun Safe Schools Accreditation.

Skcin are pleased to announce that Nethertonrimary School in Lanarkshire have renewed their Sun Safe Schools Accreditation. The accreditation has been awarded to the school as they have completed the necessary steps to ensure their pupils and employees are educated on the importance of sun safety and that a suitable sun safe environment and policy is put in place and reviewed annually.

Skcin’s Sun Safe Schools, Sun Safe Nurseries and Sun Safe Workplaces national accreditation schemes are dedicated to educating at risk groups and future generations on the importance of sun safety to prevent skin cancer and promote early detection of the disease.

Monday, 19 September 2016

Step By Step Nursery Completes Step 1 towards becoming a Sun Safe Nursery - Sun Hats, Sunscreen & Role Models

Congratulations to Step By Step Nursery for issuing Sun Safety Fact Sheets to all their pupils. Step By Step Nursery has also pledged to keep sun hats and sunscreen available for all their children and to act as role models with regard to sun safety:

“We already ask parents to sign permission for applying Sun-cream on registration form. We have know included sun safe request and information within our home visit pack /welcome pack to support our families on sun safety”

(Katy KEELER - Step By Step Nursery)

“It has been in our policy for years Staff have a duty of care to protect children from the sun. We have a box of spare sun hats by our outdoor area and provide nursery sun-cream factor 50 to children who may have forgotten theirs.”

(Katy KEELER - Step By Step Nursery)

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Holbrook CE Primary School Completes Step 4 towards becoming a Sun Safe School - Lesson Plan

Congratulations to Holbrook CE Primary School for carrying out the ‘George the Sun Safe Superstar’ Lesson Plan.

Lesson Plan photo submitted by Holbrook CE Primary School

“We had a super lesson and dressed as heroes!!”

(Andy Davies - Holbrook CE Primary School)

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Our lads on BBC Radio Sheffield this morning raising awareness of Skin cancer and motor neurone disease and requesting for funds for their charity epic cycle challenge, Lands End to John O Groats. 6 days to go. Nice change to see you not in your cycling gear!

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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Skcin - appoints a new Ambassador for the South West,

Kirsty Sanchez

Skcin are delighted to welcome Kirsty on-board as an Ambassador of the charity. Losing a loved one to cancer, particularly at such a young age and with a young family must be an incredibly difficult journey.  It takes a great deal of passion, dedication and drive to turn that grief into something positive, to want to make a difference and prevent others from suffering the same ordeal. Unbelievably, Kirsty has all this in bucket loads and we couldn’t be more grateful of her support.
As an ambassador of Skcin, Kirsty believes passionately in the charity’s objectives which are to prevent skin cancer through education, to promote early detection and the importance of checking your skin for change. Over 85% of all skin cancer cases are preventable and this is where Skcin feel that the greatest difference can be made to reversing the soaring rates of the UK’s most common and fastest rising cancer.

Unfortunately Jonray Sanchez-Iglesias is a startling example that this devastating disease doesn’t discriminate when it comes to age and is now one of the most common cancers in the 15-34 age group. This has to stop, as a nation we have to take action, take sun safety seriously and learn to check our skin regularly.

This is Skcin’s mission and with the help of Ambassadors like Kirsty across the UK, we can make a difference and save lives.

Kirsty has already been raising awareness this Summer with various initiatives as well as fund raising, using the hugely successful restaurant business Jonray and his brother Peter had so passionately built as a platform to reach the local community.

As well as providing free awareness literature to their workforce, extensive clientele and the wider community, Kirsty a mother of two, is committed to working with young children by promoting the charity’s national Sun Safe Schools accreditation scheme. Sun Safe Schools is a free on-line resource for all UK pre-schools and primary schools, providing extensive free teaching resources for children and policy guidance for schools. The annual accreditation scheme is already teaching in excess of 350,000 children in over 2,500 schools across the UK with the objective of preventing skin cancer through education, evoking the required culture change and making a difference for our future generation and those to come.
In addition to raising awareness, Kirsty is passionate about raising funds to help Skcin continue their work. On the 21st July, Kirsty was excited to announce the opening of their latest culinary venture, the Pi Shop pizzeria.  With their open-plan kitchen and wood fired oven, the Pi Shop creates stripped –back ‘Napoli meets Bristol’ sourdough pizzas in a fun, relaxed atmosphere.  We love seeing our UV bracelets take pride of place on the bar in this family friendly restaurant.

 A special pizza called the ‘JR Pizza’ has been dedicated to the memory of Jonray and to raising funds to support Skcin with £1 from each sale of the pizza being donated to the charity.  We are delighted to hear it’s already their most popular pizza!
Peter Sanchez-Iglesias commented ‘Mum, Dad and I are so proud of Kirsty and thrilled to support a great charity which we believe will make a real difference.’ 

Jonray, taken so young at the prime of his life has touched the hearts of so many and we at Skcin are amazed by Kirsty’s bravery, passion and commitment to make a difference so soon after his untimely death. We very much look forward to working with Kirsty in the months and years to come and wish her every success with her new venture.


Media Contacts:

 For information regarding Pi Shop please contact Ellie Brooks: / 07506 285 879

For information regarding Skcin email marie.tudor@skcin,org/07775 771986

Information on Sanchez Brothers

 In 1999 the Sanchez family made a life changing decision. They quit their day jobs, their home on the other side of Bristol and moved their two young boys to open the doors to Casamia; a trattoria serving pizza and pasta.

Sue and Paco ran the front of house at Casamia with son, Jonray helping out from a young age. When the restaurant’s head chef left, Peter (their youngest son) was thrown in at the deep end, taking over the kitchen and Jonray soon joined him.

With the support of their parents, the Sanchez-Brothers began to transform the former trattoria into something spectacular. Focusing on seasonality and questioning everything, this young, formidable duo were named “two little geniuses” by Gordon Ramsay.

In 2009, the self taught chefs gained a coveted Michelin star and 4AA rosettes followed a few years later. In 2012 Jonray and Peter decided to focus on one set menu at Casamia which, along with the restaurant’s decor, changes once a season. This menu aims to showcase the incredible produce available in that particular season, taking influence from the people they meet and places they’ve visited.

Last year, after celebrating Casamia’s 15th birthday, the family made the exciting decision to move location to central Bristol, to The General Hospital where they will open on Friday 15th January 2016. Working closely with the wonderful team at City and Country Jonray and Peter’s dreams have become a reality.

2016 will see the Sanchez Brothers brand expand with the addition of 2 new restaurants; Pi Shop, offering sourdough pizza and ice-cream and Paco Tapas, an authentic tapas and sherry bar. Watch this space for more information on their new openings.

Pi Shop opened on 21st July 2016.  They are open 7 days a week from 12 noon.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Kiddies Corner Pre-School Completes Step 1 towards becoming a Sun Safe Nursery - Sun Hats, Sunscreen & Role Models

Congratulations to Kiddies Corner Pre-School for issuing Sun Safety Fact Sheets to all their pupils. Kiddies Corner Pre-School has also pledged to keep sun hats and sunscreen available for all their children and to act as role models with regard to sun safety:

“Letters have been printed and will be given to parents as we return in September. Parents already aware of providing appropriate sun hats & sun cream. agreements will be kept & forms given to new arrivals.”

(Jayne Partridge - Kiddies Corner Pre-School)

“As a nursery, we always ensure that the children wear sun hats when playing outside on sunny days. Parents are asked when dropping off if sun cream has been applied and we have supplies if they have forgotten. During sessions staff reapply when necessary. All staff are good role models and remind children about the importance of staying safe in the sun.”

(Jayne Partridge - Kiddies Corner Pre-School)