Friday 9 January 2015

ALVASTON INFANT AND NURSERY SCHOOL Completes Step 1 towards becoming a Sun Safe School - Sun Hats, Sunscreen & Role Models

Congratulations to ALVASTON INFANT AND NURSERY SCHOOL for issuing letters and Sun Safety leaflets to the parents / guardians of all of their children. ALVASTON INFANT AND NURSERY SCHOOL have also pledged to make sure that all children have access to Sun Hats & Sunscreen and that all teachers at the school will be good role models with regard to sun safety.

“As a school, we have agreed to supply each child with a sun hat, which will remain in school at all times. Parents and carers are asked to apply sunscreen to their children before school each day. Parents have received a letter re sun safety in addition to the Skin Cancer booklet. They have also been asked to complete a simple questionnaire, the results of which will be analysed and appropriate action taken.”

“All members of staff have been made aware of the importance of acting as good role models. They agree to act as appropriate role models with regard to sun safety.”


Friday 2 January 2015

Tiny Toez Treehouse Completes Step 3 towards becoming a Sun Safe Nursery - Teaching Resources & Activities

Congratulations to Tiny Toez Treehouse for reading George the Sun Safe Superstar to all their children and introducing everyone to the ‘Slip, Slap, Slop song’.Tiny Toez Treehouse have also pledged to continue to regularly use the resources provided to reinforce the sun safe message to their children.

“children engaged really well ”

(Michelle Gould - Tiny Toez Treehouse)

“we will use the rescource and continue to do so”

(Michelle Gould - Tiny Toez Treehouse)