Wednesday 20 January 2021


National skin cancer charity, SKCIN are delighted to announce an exclusive partnership with University College Birmingham and their Kickstart scheme.


The Kick-Start scheme provides students with targeted financial support to spend on educational resources, products and services to complement their studies and enhance their student experience.

Skcin have partnered with University College Birmingham to provide their health, hairdressing, beauty and aesthetics students with access to their industry recognised and professionally endorsed training programmes, MASCED.

The online programmes (backed up by professionally printed resources) teaches professionals working across these industries how to spot the early signs of melanoma and skin cancer on their client’s/patient’s skin and potentially save lives! The training will be promoted to students and featured on the Kickstart website. 

 Skin Cancer is the UK’s most common and fastest rising cancer and alarmingly, rates have increased by 45% in the last decade. 90% of skin cancers are also preventable as they are largely due to over-exposure to UV. The route to solve this is education. 

Professionals either working in, or entering the hair, health and beauty industry sectors are all perfectly placed to undertake skin cancer surveillance and provide prevention advice as part of their engagement with clients - helping to combat these statistics head on.

The MASCED training was developed in 2017 by the charity and since its launch in 2018 has fully trained and accredited over 7,500 professionals, from not only the UK, but around the World. The training has been reviewed by Habia (Hair and Beauty Industry Authority) and is professionally accredited with three CPD points.

 BABTAC (British Association of Beauty Therapists and Cosmetologists), NHBF (National Hair and Beauty Federation) and the BBC (British Beauty Council) have all supported the training and are keen to see it undertaken nationally by those working in the relevant sectors.  

The University College Birmingham is proud to support Skcin in making this important training accessible for their students and in supporting their work to tackle a major public health concern via such a positive collaboration.

Skcin’s CEO Marie Tudor said, “We are delighted to be working with University College Birmingham by engaging and supporting their students with our MASCED training. Over 210,000 cases of non-melanoma skin cancers are reported each year and 7 people die every day of melanoma in the UK. Skcin continually receive stories from individuals whose skin cancer has been detected early, due to our training. When it comes to melanoma, early detection is vital to improve prognosis, so this training really can be life-saving. We look forward to working with University College Birmingham and their students throughout 2021 and beyond – training eyes to save lives!”

 Level 4 Manager Portia Foster, who helped develop and teaches on the Aesthetic Practitioners degree, said: “We strive hard to give our students invaluable continued professional development (CPD), and this vital surveillance training will arm them with potentially life-saving skills. 

“The University is extremely proud to support Skcin and their work to help tackle this public health concern through a positive collaboration."

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Thursday 14 January 2021

Amie Wallace is MASCED Accredited!

Congratulations to Amie Wallace for completing the MASCED Accreditation!

“This has made me feel more comfortable when looking at moles, spots and lesions. It has also helped me on how to acknowledge the lesion and inform clients in a calmly manner. Thank you”

Amie Wallace would recommend the MASCED Accreditation to other industry professionals and rates the programme 5 stars.

Monday 4 January 2021

Charmaine Chudley is MASCED Accredited!

Congratulations to Charmaine Chudley for completing the MASCED Accreditation!

“Very interesting and useful course. Will be very beneficial in helping to notice if my clients have anything suspicious. This is also useful in helping to raise awareness.”

Charmaine Chudley would recommend the MASCED Accreditation to other industry professionals and rates the programme 5 stars.