Tuesday 17 August 2021


The UK’s leading skin cancer awareness charity Skcin are delighted to announce the launch of their mobile application - a FREE comprehensive, educational and self-management tool which is set to become a game-changer in skin cancer awareness, prevention and early detection.



Skcin became increasingly aware throughout the Covid-19 pandemic of the need to develop, grow and adapt their services to meet the emerging needs of beneficiaries and take advantage of the evident digital and mobile health revolution.

In response to this, Skcin have developed a comprehensive, educational and self-management mobile application with the mission to drive skin cancer awareness into the hands and hearts of communities locally, nationally and potentially globally - empowering people of all skin types to take charge of their skin health and surveillance.

Non-melanoma skin cancer is not just the UK’s, but the world’s most common cancer and the incidence of melanoma (the deadliest form of skin cancer) is rising at epidemic proportions. Yet 90% of cases are preventable!

Ignorance regarding how to spot the early signs and symptoms of both melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer remains widespread amongst individuals and across professional capacities. Yet it is the only cancer we can physically see developing in it’s early stages - and early detection saves lives.

The charity has a wealth of knowledge and experience in educational intervention, combined with a unique and forward thinking approach to tackling this major public health concern. Alongside their suite of five national accreditation programmes that work with: primary and pre-schools, employers of outdoor workers, the hair, health and beauty industry and Allied Healthcare Professionals - the App will not only support these initiatives, but revolutionise the way in which skin cancer awareness is accessed and delivered on a national scale.

The first phase launch of the app provides six key features to empower users to learn more and take charge of their skin health and surveillance as follows:

PREVENTION: Educates users about the facts and risks associated with ultraviolet radiation (UVR), how it affects our skin and how to enjoy the sun safely and prevent skin cancer by adopting simple sun safe strategies.

UV FORECAST: Provides users with instant access to the current UV Index and a 2 day, hour by hour UV forecast for any location across the globe. It also provides users with sun protection advice based on UV levels and the ability to activate SMS alerts to let them know when the UV Index reaches 3, when it reaches it’s daily peak, in addition to 2 hourly sunscreen reminders.

RISK ASSESSOR: Provides users with rationale and advice with regards to their personal risk for the development of skin cancer based on a series of questions relating to their: age, skin type, history of sun exposure, lifestyle, medical conditions, family history of skin cancer as well as their sun protection habits. Multiple risk assessments can be generated to help users understand and assess the level of risk for family members.

EARLY DETECTION: Educates users about the various forms of precancerous skin lesions, non-melanoma skin cancers and melanoma skin cancers with photographs of lesions and moles and detailed guidance on how to spot the early warning signs.

SKIN CHECKING: Provides users with a five-step guide to conducting thorough, full-body self examinations with the ability to set monthly reminders for when their next examinations are due.

EARLY DIAGNOSIS: Educates users on how to take action with concerns, how to ensure they receive appropriate action from a qualified healthcare practitioner and provides overviews on diagnosis, staging and treatment for the various types of skin cancer.

Phase two of the app that will launch next May will see further additions including a lesion tracking service that will allow users to track changes to lesions and moles using close up photography.

To support the roll-out of the mobile application, Skcin are simultaneously developing their 6th national accreditation programme that draws on their wealth of experience working with businesses and organisations to deliver educational intervention to their employee, member and client communities.

Skcin firmly believe that modifiable health risks that lead to disease can be significantly decreased through workplace-sponsored health promotion and disease prevention programmes. As such, the Skin Cancer SOS (Supporter of Skcin) Accreditation programme aims to support and recognise the valuable contribution businesses and organisations, both large and small can make in helping to combat the soaring rates of skin cancer - locally, nationally and globally.

Businesses and organisations can get Skin Cancer SOS Accredited by supporting the charity’s work with a white label version of the Skcin App to deliver across their employee, member, and client communities - aiding Skcin in their mission to place skin cancer prevention and early detection in the hands and hearts of communities on a local, national and potentially global scale.

Marie Tudor, CEO of Skcin says, “Mobile health is a rapidly expanding field in the digital health sector. With the vast majority of the global adult population owning a smartphone and with surveys suggesting that around 87% of the time people spend on their phone is dedicated to apps - what better way to deliver an efficient, cost-effective solution for disease prevention and self-management into the hands of the people we care about. We are incredibly excited by the potential of working with businesses and organisations to support the roll out, reach and engagement off the app across their stakeholder communities. This will enable us to significantly extend the reach of vital and potentially life-saving education, empowering individuals of all skin types, to take charge of their skin health and save lives”.

Skcin are keen to ensure public benefit remains at the forefront of their development work as they continue to dedicate limited funds and resources to creating unique, powerful and sustainable solutions to tackling this global public health concern. The development of the app has been a labour of love during unprecedented times of uncertainty and the charity are grateful for the support of their fundraisers and The David Price Melanoma Trust who have made the build of the app possible.

The Skcin App is free and available to install on your mobile device at: app.skcin.org
In due course the App will be made available on the App Store and Google Play.

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About Skcin

Skcin is a specialist skin cancer charity,  founded in 2006 in memory of Karen Clifford (the ‘KC’ in Skcin) who lost her courageous battle to melanoma, aged 61.

Skcin set out to fill the mammoth void that existed in the awareness arena and fifteen years on, remain the UK’s leading skin cancer charity dedicated to the prevention and early detection of both melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer.

Skcin’s core objectives are to raise awareness of both melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer, specifically to promote prevention and early detection through educational intervention for public benefit.

Skcin’s vision is to save lives and combat statistics head on by preventing skin cancer for future generations, improving patient outcomes through early diagnosis and relieving the significant burden of skin cancer on the NHS.

For further information please contact: marie.tudor@skcin.org