Monday, 3 October 2016

The Farningham Day Nursery Completes Step 3 towards becoming a Sun Safe Nursery - Teaching Resources & Activities

Congratulations to The Farningham Day Nursery for reading George the Sun Safe Superstar to all their children and introducing everyone to the ‘Slip, Slap, Slop song’.The Farningham Day Nursery have also pledged to continue to regularly use the resources provided to reinforce the sun safe message to their children.

“The children really enjoyed listening to the story and after several times were pre-empting the next words. ”

(Gillian Mitchell - The Farningham Day Nursery)

“The resources provided have been warmly welcomed by children and staff. We will continue to be Sun safe and will fully engage new children and staff in promoting sun safety.”

(Gillian Mitchell - The Farningham Day Nursery)

Congratulations to Nethertonrimary School who have just renewed their Sun Safe Schools Accreditation.

Skcin are pleased to announce that Nethertonrimary School in Lanarkshire have renewed their Sun Safe Schools Accreditation. The accreditation has been awarded to the school as they have completed the necessary steps to ensure their pupils and employees are educated on the importance of sun safety and that a suitable sun safe environment and policy is put in place and reviewed annually.

Skcin’s Sun Safe Schools, Sun Safe Nurseries and Sun Safe Workplaces national accreditation schemes are dedicated to educating at risk groups and future generations on the importance of sun safety to prevent skin cancer and promote early detection of the disease.