Tuesday 24 May 2022

Sanofi become the UK’s first ‘Skin Cancer SOS’ Accredited Partner of specialist awareness charity Skcin

Innovative, global healthcare company Sanofi are officially the UKs first employer to become a Skin Cancer SOS Accredited Partner - with the roll out of a workplace-sponsored, disease prevention and health promotion programme, dedicated to the prevention and early detection of skin cancer.













Supporting a call to action from the UKs leading skin cancer awareness charity Skcin, for businesses and organisations to help tackle a major public health concern, Sanofi are implementing a series of initiatives developed by the charity to promote skin health and surveillance among their employee community.


Employees will be educated on the prevalence, causes and risk factors relating to skin cancer in addition to ways in which they can reduce their risk and check their skin for the early warning signs. To further support employees, Sanofi are also rolling out the first white label version of the Skcin App.


Developed by Skcin, the app provides employees with comprehensive, educational and self-management tools to empower and support them in taking charge of their skin health, helping them to reduce their risk of skin cancer and promote early detection, diagnosis and treatment.


“We’re delighted to become the UK’s first Skin Cancer SOS Accredited workplace, in partnership with Skcin. Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the UK and rates continue to rise, so there’s a real need to help educate people on prevention and early detection,” said Jessamy Baird, Managing Director, Sanofi UK & Ireland. “The health and wellbeing of our employees is of paramount importance to us and we’re proud to offer the Skcin App to help them look after their skin health.”


Marie Tudor, CEO of Skcin said: We are delighted to welcome onboard Sanofi as our first UK accredited partner. Modifiable health risks that lead to disease can be significantly decreased through workplace-sponsored, health promotion and disease prevention programmes. As such, our Skin Cancer SOS Accreditation Programme aims to support and recognise the valuable contribution businesses and organisations, both large and small can make in helping to combat the soaring rates of skin cancer - locally, nationally and globally.






Skin cancer statistics in the UK.


1 in every 3 cancers diagnosed is skin cancer - it is the most common cancer in the UK and worldwide.

1 in 4 males and 1 in 5 females will be diagnosed with non-melanoma skin cancer.

Over 210,000 cases of non-melanoma skin cancers are diagnosed annually, with cases expected to reach 400,000 annually by 2025.

Over 16,000 cases of melanoma (the deadliest form of skin cancer) are diagnosed annually and the incidence in Britain has risen faster than any other common cancer.

1 in 36 males and 1 in 47 females will be diagnosed with melanoma (the deadliest form of skin cancer) and it is now one of the biggest killing cancers in young adults (aged 15-34).



Skcin; The Karen Clifford Skin Cancer Charity:


Skcin are the UKs leading skin cancer awareness charity, dedicated to the prevention and early detection of skin cancer through educational intervention for public benefit. Skcins mission is to combat statistics head on and save lives by preventing skin cancer for future generations, improving patient outcomes through early diagnosis and relieving the significant burden of skin cancer on the NHS.


For further information contact: marie.tudor@skcin.org

Thursday 27 January 2022

SKCIN are delighted to appoint Founder of The Safety in Beauty Campaign, Antonia Mariconda as a charity Ambassador.

 Antonia, who is a passionate activist and campaigner of raising awareness for accessing safe beauty and aesthetic procedures, is also a recovered victim of melanoma. Diagnosed in her late 20s after years of sunbed tanning abuse, she has pledged to support SKCIN by raising awareness within the beauty and aesthetics industry by encouraging professionals and practitioners to undertake SKCINs successful online skin cancer surveillance training programme MASCED (Melanoma and Skin Cancer Early Detection). The training is a pioneering, accredited course, dedicated totraining eyes to save lives.




With around 90% of all skin cancers preventable and early diagnosis paramount, Antonia says,Education is vital to combatting the ever increasing rates of skin cancer in the UK. The beauty and aesthetics industry can play a powerful role as they routinely work with skin and by having close, regular observation, they are uniquely placed to detect suspicious lesions - very often in areas clients cannot see themselves.


The MASCED training programme teaches industry professionals how to detect suspicious moles and lesions on the skin and provide trusted advice in signposting to medical professionals for further investigation. So far, the charity have trained in excess of 10,000 industry professionals, having saved many lives as a result of early detection.



Marie Tudor, CEO of SKCIN, said,We are honoured to welcome Antonia to the team as an Ambassador of SKCIN. Antonias vital, renowned and well respected work in this industry sector is perfectly aligned with our MASCED training programmes, helping us to amplify our message and extend our reach. The beauty and aesthetics industry is vast and expertise vital in helping to navigate partnerships and collaborations to raise the profile of Skcins work and award winning training.  We feel very privileged to be working with Antonia and excited by the opportunities that lie ahead.


SKCIN offer two training courses. MASCED, which has been developed for the hair and beauty sector and MASCED PRO - a more in-depth, programme subsequently developed for medical professionals and healthcare practitioners.


To join SKCINs growing army of industry professionals combatting skin cancer in the UK, you can find out more and register to take part in either training programme at: MASCED.UK






Antonia Mariconda is a Beauty and Aesthetics Industry Key Opinion Leader, having founded the Safety in Beauty Campaign and The Safety in Beauty Diamond Awards in 2014, she has written four published books and has appeared in national consumer and industry media for her work. Antonia also works extensively as a business strategist for the industry via her award winning consultancy The Cosmedic Coach.





SKCIN are the UKs leading skin cancer awareness charity dedicated to the prevention and early detection of both melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer through educational intervention for public benefit. Formed by the family of Karen Clifford (the KC in SKCIN) who sadly passed from melanoma in 2005, SKCINs mission is to save lives and unnecessary suffering by preventing skin cancer for our future generations, improving prognosis through early detection and reducing the significant burden skin cancer places on the NHS.


Contact Marie.tudor@skcin.org