Monday 19 September 2016

Step By Step Nursery Completes Step 1 towards becoming a Sun Safe Nursery - Sun Hats, Sunscreen & Role Models

Congratulations to Step By Step Nursery for issuing Sun Safety Fact Sheets to all their pupils. Step By Step Nursery has also pledged to keep sun hats and sunscreen available for all their children and to act as role models with regard to sun safety:

“We already ask parents to sign permission for applying Sun-cream on registration form. We have know included sun safe request and information within our home visit pack /welcome pack to support our families on sun safety”

(Katy KEELER - Step By Step Nursery)

“It has been in our policy for years Staff have a duty of care to protect children from the sun. We have a box of spare sun hats by our outdoor area and provide nursery sun-cream factor 50 to children who may have forgotten theirs.”

(Katy KEELER - Step By Step Nursery)

Wednesday 14 September 2016

Holbrook CE Primary School Completes Step 4 towards becoming a Sun Safe School - Lesson Plan

Congratulations to Holbrook CE Primary School for carrying out the ‘George the Sun Safe Superstar’ Lesson Plan.

Lesson Plan photo submitted by Holbrook CE Primary School

“We had a super lesson and dressed as heroes!!”

(Andy Davies - Holbrook CE Primary School)