Saturday 23 August 2008

England Cricketer Supports Skcin

Ryan Sidebottom is pictured with Dr.Sandeep Varma, Consultant. Dermatologist and Dermatological Surgeon at The Queens Medical Centre who conducted a pre-season skin cancer screening attended by most of the Notts squad. Dr.Varma is Chairman of the SKCIN charity.


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  4. It's great to see proactive measures like pre-season skin cancer screenings being taken by sports teams.
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  5. It's fantastic to see England cricketer James Anderson supporting SKCIN's efforts to raise awareness about skin cancer. As a prominent figure in sports, his influence can help reach a wider audience, encouraging them to take preventative measures and seek medical advice when necessary. By joining forces with SKCIN, we can work towards a future where skin cancer is better understood and more effectively managed.
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  6. Great to see Ryan Sidebottom and the Notts squad taking proactive steps for skin cancer prevention with Dr. Varma. Awareness and early detection are crucial!
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