Thursday 13 May 2021




Throughout Skin Cancer Awareness Month and beyond, SKCIN will be working in partnership with professional skin care brand Dermalogica and their army of 5,000+ Professional Skin Therapists to raise awareness of the prevention and early detection of skin cancer across their professional and client community, supporting us in our mission to combat skin cancer statistics in the UK.


To support SKCIN in 2021, Dermalogica will fund all 185+ of their Skin Therapist employees in the UK & Ireland to undertake our MASCED (Melanoma and Skin Cancer Early Detection) training, as well as offer funding for the course to all 5,000+ of their salon partners and skin therapists.


Professional skin care experts are uniquely placed to observe any abnormalities or changes to their client’s skin - often in areas clients can’t see themselves. This puts therapists in a unique and powerful position to spot the early signs and symptoms of skin cancer and advise their client(s) to take action, which could drastically improve prognosis and potentially save lives. 

Professional Skin Therapists are also uniquely placed to advise their clients on the importance of skin cancer prevention - messaging which is perfectly aligned and reinforced by Dermalogica’s products and services that advocate the huge benefits of using a quality sunscreen with at least SPF30 daily.



Marie Tudor CEO of the charity said: “We are extremely excited by the potential of this collaboration to generate a substantial level of awareness within this particular sector of the British beauty industry and are hugely grateful to Dermalogica for their commitment in supporting our work and funding our bespoke MASCED (Melanoma and Skin Cancer Early Detection) training for their Skin Therapists”.


Candice Gardner, Education Manager for Dermalogica said: ‘Marie and the team at SKCIN are inspirational, and the MASCED Training programme is exceptional. Many of us at Dermalogica have done the training as individuals and have been advocates of SKCIN for some time, so we are beyond excited to be working together to raise awareness through powerful education. And this is just the start!’


Dermalogica are renowned in the professional arena not only for their award winning range of skin care products, but for their high quality training for therapists. This is the perfect platform for SKCIN to collaborate in harnessing the power of their Professional Skin Therapists by extending the provision of our life saving, accredited training MASCED.UK and the reach of our vital early detection and prevention messaging.


We look forward to a powerful, proactive and long-term partnership.


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