Friday 5 July 2013

Skcin Invited to speak in House of Commons

Anthony Hubbard from Skcin, spoke at the roundtable meeting on Tuesday 2nd July in the House of Commons to discuss how we can combat the skin cancer ‘time-bomb’. Joined by chair Sian James MP and other speakers including TV's Dr Hilary Jones and Dr Raj Mallipeddi, Consultant Dermatologist at St Thomases Hospital, London. Their talks stimulated an excellent group discussion with Clincians, MPs and charity groups on how we can increase the prevention and early detection of skin cancer caused by long-term sun exposure.

Based on the discussions at the meeting a report is to be produced to highlight the key priorities, including specific calls to action to help raise the skin cancer 'time-bomb' issue up the political agenda, as well as preventative measures which need to be communicated to members of the general public. The report will look to identify measures to help prevent the development of the two main types of skin cancer – non-melanoma skin cancer (NMSC) and melanoma – as well as how to combat actinic keratosis – a pre-malignant skin condition caused by sun damage with the potential to develop into cancer.

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