Monday 18 April 2016

Press release April 2016 

Following the success of the BBC Radio Derby Colin Bloomfield Melanoma Appeal in which Skcin worked with Deb to facilitate the provision of sunscreen and dispensers to every class within 200 primary schools across Derbyshire and East Staffordshire, we are proud to announce that, due to popular demand, these products are now widely available for all primary schools to purchase across the UK.

The bespoke sun stations and branded sunscreen dispensers were designed by Skcin and kindly manufactured by Deb to complement Skcin’s national Sun Safe School’s Accreditation scheme.

Marie Tudor Business Development Manager at Skcin commented "The sun stations and dispensers were incredibly well received by schools during the appeal and subsequently many schools were getting in touch to see how they could also purchase the products. The bespoke resources were an ad hoc order funded by the appeal with 200 sun stations (one for each school) and over 2000 sunscreen dispensers (one for each class in all 200 schools) manufactured specifically for the appeal and the Sun Safe Schools campaign.

Skcin have since worked with closely with Deb to facilitate the production of these items for national availability. We are delighted that these sun stations, quality sunscreen and dispensers are now available for all primary schools to purchase. In line with our objectives of raising awareness and promoting the importance of sun safety in schools, these products are the perfect solution for those schools who wish to ensure they are providing a sun safe environment and policy for their pupils and in helping to protect them from over exposure to UV”.

Paul Jakeway, Marketing Director at Deb, commented: “We are thrilled that an increasing number of schools are understanding their responsibility and providing pupils with effective, UVA ultra-rated protection from the dangers of the sun. Children are particularly vulnerable to sun damage so we are pleased that schools have responded to this initiative and are taking the right steps to help protect them.” 

The sun station designed by Kathryn Clifford features the Sun Safe Super Star character George, with colourful illustrations and guidelines on how to apply sunscreen. The sun station also features mirror and a UV sun dial to encourage children to check out UV levels each day, providing visual reminder about keeping safe in the sun.

The dispensers are a great way for schools to ensure their children have access to a quality, sunscreen which provides UVA ultra rated protection with Sun Protection Factor of 30 (SPF 30). This resource perfectly complements Skcin’s Sun Safe School’s initiative that educates children on the importance of enjoying the sun safely and assists schools in providing a suitable sun safe environment and policy. Many Parent Teacher Associations have shown interest in funding the imitative for the purchase of sunscreen and sun hats.


For further information about the Sun Safe Schools scheme and for details of how to order the UV range please visit



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