Friday 30 June 2017

National Skin cancer charity, Skcin - working in association Melanoma Me

Skcin are delighted to be working in association with MelanomaMe.

MelanomaMe. is a counselling organisation based in the Sunderland and Washington areas covering the North East. It was founded by Kerry Rafferty and Elaine Taylor who will be working with Skcin as Ambassadors on a number of initiatives across the North East Region.

Kerry Rafferty, a 39 year mother of three, was diagnosed with melanoma - the deadliest form of skin cancer in 2015 and is passionate about raising awareness of the prevention and early detection of melanoma and helping others deal with the trauma this devastating disease causes patients and their carers. Kerry is a qualified Counsellor and Hypnotherapist and recently launched her own counselling service for melanoma patients.

Managing Director of MelanomaMe. Kerry commented “Because I was personally diagnosed with melanoma, I understand the stress and anxiety of such a diagnosis and how this impacts a person’s life. I want to spread the message of awareness and education of the disease and help provide a range of services for patients, from emotional and well-being support to help in claiming benefits”.

Marie Tudor, National Campaign and Business Development Manager quoted ”Kerry will be a valuable asset to supporting our goal in raising awareness. We already have a team of passionate Ambassadors and Kerry’s work compliments our own objectives to raise awareness of sun safety to promote prevention, early detection and diagnosis. We are proud to support the specialised services she offers, fulfilled and delivered by someone that truly understands the needs of a melanoma patient.

Elaine Taylor is a qualified Counsellor the fellow founder and Managing Director of MelanomaMe and works alongside Kerry Rafferty. 

Elaine commented “Seeing the effects Melanoma had on my friend and colleague Kerry, both physically and mentally was difficult emotionally. At the time, I didn't feel I knew enough about Melanoma to understand and support what Kerry was going through. Sharing and supporting her journey with her, gave me a much greater understanding. Kerry's passion for supporting others diagnosed with Melanoma, led her to approach me with the idea of setting up a counselling support service. We put our heads together and saw the need to raising awareness and I also believed Melanoma patients, family and friends would also benefit from this service, as they too have their own journey. 

MelanomaMe has 6 Counsellors, two support workers and one Holistic therapist, and an administrator.

Skcin and MelanomaMe will be working jointly on number of initiatives including a series of educational sessions delivered to companies across the North East, to engage over 10,000 employees over the next three months.

Over 86% of skin cancers are caused by over exposure to UV, meaning melanoma and all skin cancers are largely preventable. Education is key to changing these statistics and armed with targeted and measurable awareness programmes aimed at “high risk groups,” Skcin and MelanomaMe. aim to change behaviours, mitigate future healthcare costs and ultimately saves lives.



MelanomaMe. Launch Event, Saturday 8th July 2017, 12.00pm-4.00pm

SES -   The Co-Op Centre, Whitehouse Road, SR2 8AH City of Sunderland

MelanomaMe and Skcin would like to invite local organisations to the launch of our new project; supporting Melanoma patients and their families and friends.This is also a networking opportunity for those organisations that wish to attend.

Media Contacts

Marie Tudor

www.skcin .org

Kerry Rafferty

Telephone: 0191 511 1391

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