Thursday 20 July 2017


Skcin would like to extend their congratulations to Oakfield High School and College for their fabulous work and winning video entry. We are delighted to provide the school with their winning package of extra resources including; activity books and stickers, George the Sun Safe Superstar books and board game, as well as a UV sun station, sunscreen and dispenser. Marie Tudor from Skcin commented, “The children have clearly worked hard to show us the Sun Safe messaging they have learnt via the Sun Safe Schools scheme and we couldn’t be more pleased to provide them with further resources for their efforts. The school has renewed their annual accreditation this year, showing a continued commitment to the scheme and sun safety, proving very worthy winners” :)

Joanne Taylor, pictured with the children who helped create the video is the school’s Sun Safe Co-ordinator and has personally got behind the project having been diagnosed with Malignant Melanoma 10 years ago, aged just 33. 

“It is something that I feel passionate about, having been personally affected by the diagnosis. 10 years on, I am one of the lucky ones and have had no further occurrence, however not everyone is so fortunate” commented Joanne.
“We are thrilled to have come first in this competition. This is our second year being recognised with the Sun Safe Certification. We as a School and College share the same thoughts in relation to sun safety and believe that teaching young people is extremely important, in terms of our overall well-being. We are ensuring that our young people have the understanding and knowledge that is so important and feel that we all have a duty of care to ensure that the health of our individuals is promoted across the curriculum. Repetition of driving this subject forward has proven to be a success with our young people, the activities, assemblies and constant reminders through our school newsletter and website, has really got our parents involved too.

“I was extremely grateful to all the staff involved in the Production of the video. Charlotte Lomas produced a video which captured the students enthusiasm for the events which took place around Sun Safety and evidences her creativity”.
The children involved told Joanne how much fun they’d had taking part in the video and activities and wanted to let people know “it’s not nice when you get burned - damage to your skin is bad and to always keep shoulders covered, wear sunscreen and a hat!”

Well done to all the ‘Sun Safe Superstars’ at Oakfield High School and College – what a great way to end the academic year -  we wish you all a wonderful, Sun Safe, Summer holidays J

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