Wednesday 10 May 2017


Since it’s launch just a few years ago the success of the Sun Safe Schools national accreditation scheme has gone from strength to strength. With thousands of schools signed up to the scheme across the UK, teaching hundreds of thousand of children nationwide. The scheme is fast gaining recognition as the reality finally hits home that the key to reducing the soaring rates of skin cancer is through education, education, education.

There is no doubt that Sun Safe Schools is making an impact nationally, but Skcin are overwhelmed by the response we are receiving on a global scale. Currently over 100 schools from all over the world have also registered with the scheme and are using the comprehensive resources on offer to communicate sun safety within their school environment.

Twenty of these international participants are from the UV capital of the world, Australia. This is quite an honor considering they are the most sun savvy country on the planet - way ahead of the game in recognising the vital role that schools play in the prevention of skin cancer and a generation ahead in terms of seeing their efforts realised.

But it’s not just Australia, many countries across the globe with English speaking schools are finding us by the magnificent means of the world wide web and getting on-board, with over 30 schools in the USA registered and many more from around the world including;  Austria, Canada, Chile, China, Greece, Malaysia, New Zealand, Portugal, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Uganda and the United Arab Emirates…. Phew, George has been busy!

The global interest in Sun Safe Schools is testament to the quality resource provided by the Sun Safe Schools initiative, highlighting the importance of such a scheme to exist and grow. With interest from more than one of these countries to take the scheme national in their country… watch this space folks, we are making waves.

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